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Support unit

Welcome to 2023!

Classroom Teachers:

SUO Mrs O’Brien
SUV Mr Jeremy Dimech

Assistance Principal of Learning and Support:

Mrs Peta Del Carmen

Support Unit SLSOs:

Mrs Gavin, Mrs Fleming

Support Unit Classroom Expectations:

Safe (Good Thinking):

●       I stay in my area at all time

●       I am safe with my hands, feet and objects

Respectful (Good Manners):

●       I can use respectful words and volume

●       I listen and do what my teacher says.

Responsible (Good Learning):

●       I try my best with my learning and my behaviour

●       I look after my room and our equipment

Each of our classrooms have a “Safe space” for students who need sensory/emotional breaks and have weekly social-emotional learning lessons that will help students develop skills to identify their emotions and provide self-regulation techniques for them to use when needed. Your child’s teacher will provide more information on this as the term goes on. 

Therapy at school: We are happy to support your child having therapy sessions at school, where possible. Therapists need to obtain permission from the Principal before attending on site, which will involve providing information. For more information about this, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Please note, we do not have therapy sessions on a Monday or between 9am-11:30am to ensure students transition back to school well to ensure our literacy learning session is uninterrupted. 

Therapy outside of school: We understand that at times, therapists cannot come to school. If your child attends therapy sessions during school hours, please speak to your child’s teacher as soon as possible to let them know when your child will be absent.