Blackwell Public School

Educating for Tomorrow

Telephone02 9670 5080

Student representative council

School Captains

Ruby Rose S Solomon S

School Leaders

Siena V Dylan S
Kelis P William B
Makayla S Lucas W

ACEG Leaders 2022

Bella B Marley C

House Captains 2022


Tiana A.

Erika S.

Laurence N.

Vasili S.


Clarise E.

Isabella H.

Clayton S.

Kalani A.


Bella B.

Ruby M.

Josh M.

Jhidyn K.


Chloe M.

Shelby G.

Jordan F.

Kaiden R.

SRC class representatives Semester 1, 2022

Stage 1

S1K Verity K Cohen J
S1M Alyce Z Levi H
S1N Ella S Archie K

Stage 2

S2A Emmi R. Dion F.
S2B Arianah H. Christian B.
S2D Rashmika Y. Chiv P.
S2H Maggie N. Chase S.
S2S Kaylee F. Jayden L.
S2T Chelsea O. Jordan V.

Stage 3

S3C Leilah P. Beau A.
S3CR Sandra M. Manny M.
S3K Bella B. Marley C.

SRC class representatives Semester 2, 2022

Stage 1

S1K Amber O. Jake B
S1M Mia M. Lincoln P.
S1N Kate G. Max K.

Stage 2

S2A Ruby L. Ethan M.
S2B Eva V. James R.
S2D Ava T. Thomas D.
S2H Amelia S. Emerson C.
S2S Edie D. Jacob D.
S2T Mia H. Liam O.

Stage 3

S3C Savannah H. Micheal T.
S3CR Jessica G. Sash Z.
S3K Alyssa C.
Harry S.

We are lucky to have a great school with great staff, great students, and a great community supporting all we do!