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Welcome to Term 1, 2023.

Welcome to 2023 at Blackwell Public School. Our theme for this year is:

"Education is the key to success"

For us 'Education' is not just about the buildings and structures but more about living our best life.

Any article you read will give you a list of qualities the author considers vital. As Blackwell staff we have had quite a few discussions on what qualities we consider essential.

We have no definitive answer but our top 3 always seem to include:

* Clarify of Purpose

* A Positive Growth Mindset and 

* Courage

We have also spent time explaining what 'success' looks like and how can it be measured. Weightly topics but ones we all need to consider!

Each class is already discussing such qualities and drawing up a classroom list of expectations.

We want our students to be a 'life long learner' by giving them the knowledge, skills, values and attitude to be resilient, adaptable and prepared for a future that is ever changing.

We aim to "Educate for Tomorrow" by creating global citizens who have a sense of belonging to a world that requires us all to take positive actions. One of our phrases is "think global but act local".

Our planet requires us to look after our local environment looking at our home and school as focal points for action.

As a school our duty as teachers requires that our programs are effective in meeting each childs needs and that we create an atmosphere of community support.

As I have now reached 50 wonderful years in this profession I can say that my life has been successful. I can honestly say I continue to measure it by the families, children and staff I work with each and everyday. 

My life has been rich and blessed. I look forward to spending 2023 doing what I love most - teaching!!

Welcome and may 2023 be measured by many personal successes for us all.

The photo taken first day 2023 is (from the right) our Mr Murat Dizdar, Deputy Secretary School Operations and Performance. He leads the public education system of over 2,200 NSW Depart Education Schools with 800,000 students and 80,000 teachers.

Mrs Kris Hudswell, Principal of Blackwell Public School

Mrs Deb Summerhayes, Executive Director, School Performance Metropolitian South and West.

Mr Jason Miezis, Director of educational Leadership Eastern Creek.

Kris Hudswell


Learning on Darug Land.

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