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Welcome/ Warami to Blackwell Public School for 2024

At our school we expect every student to demonstrate Good Manners, Good learning and Good Thinking at all times and in all situations.

We want all our students to be resilient learners who have a sense of positive wellbeing and display great citizenship qualities.

We are proud members of the STEPS (St Clair Erskine Park Schools) Learning Community and ensure our primary and high school colleagues and students have opportunities to come together to learn.

In 2024 our theme Reach for the Stars recognises all our attempts to dream big.  We ask our students to set goals that will challenge them, to step outside their comfort zones and to realise that we all need to work hard to achieve these goals. We acknowledge that sometimes we do not reach our goals but as long as you gave your best you have a right to feel proud!

The mystery of the stars and our amazing solar system always seems just beyond our grasp!  This year perhpas we can all look to the heavens and marvel at our planet.  Do you know where to find the Southern Cross constellation?

This constellation is only found in the Southern Hemisphere and was used by early Portugese and Spanish sailors to navigate. Our First Nations people use it to tell the time and recognise seasons.

So let us all just set our sights high and Reach for the Stars!

So again welcome to our school community.

"Ngaradyin gun Dharug Nguarrawa"

"Together we learn on Dharug Country"

Kind Regards

Kris Hudswell


Learning on Darug Land.

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