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Semester 2, Term 3 2021

So, we made it to July in 2021!

Under our Department Guidelines we are classified as a Level 4 school this week therefore we will start with Learning from Home. Our school will remain open and we will provide supervision for any child that cannot be cared for at home. This week we will provide a staff member for each year group. Our dedicated staff have been busy behind the scenes preparing a set of lesson plans for each year for this week. Please note that there will be no canteen facilities available and the uniform shop is only available online till further notice.

The majority of staff will work from home (this limits our mobility and contact as the government has requested of us all).

Please note that staff may contact you on your phone from a private or mobile number.

We will continue to do our best in these difficult times. I’m not sure how families cope with the juggling act required!

Our lessons are a guide and hopefully parents and children can work together supporting the running of a household, work commitments, schooling and all that being a family in lockdown entails.

If we learnt anything from this experience last year it is:

·         Stay connected to the school. Our Facebooks groups will keep you informed. We are here, we want to help in any way we can, just let us know.

·         Prioritise, sleep, health and exercise. (Parents you may need to lock the fridge/pantry) One suggestion is to make recess and lunches just like an ordinary day!

·         Make time to do things as a family. Boardgames, cards, trivia – suggest each person writes a few questions.

·         Try not to stress!! Who knows where we will be next week? I have a feeling this might not end on Friday!

·         But whatever happens we will make this work.

Lesson grids will be emailed Tuesday morning.

Packages can be collected from tables set up near our main gate from 9:30am, Tuesday, 13th July 2021.

No parents may enter the school grounds at present.

Children attending school will enter via our main gate and will also exit by the same gate. Parents need to wait outside our fence on Blackwell Avenue. This will be to only access for entering and exiting the school for students.

All staff are now required to wear masks while on site. You may need to discuss this with your child so as not to alarm them.

Until we are able to see each other, stay safe and take care!


Welcome to 2021

A new year becons and we hopefuly see a lift in some Covid restrictions which will  allow our parents to join in events and activities at a school level.
The theme for 2021 is "Up, Up and Away" where we hope to build on our students' capacity to take on new challenges, build resilience and rise to the occasion. 
We will commence the year with the same drop off and pickup procedures that we put in place last year. One of the very few benefits was the reponsibilty and maturity our students demonstrated in walking into school each morning without a parent and finding friends to share the time before school. Our mornings appeared to work so much better with students ready to learn.
Our morning routines are centred around the "READY to LEARN"  scale so that we are all tuned into learning. Rolls are marked and students participate in Crunch and Sip. These all take place in the first 15 minutes!!!
It is vital that all students are here before 9am so that all classes are set to learn. The Department has a saying "Every Minute Counts!"
This year we will continue to fous on Literacy and Numeracy and hope to see noticeable growth in student achievements. Our parent/ teacher  meetings will be a perfect opportunity to share information and discuss goals for each child.
We welcome all our new families and especially our wonderful new kinder students who have started here at Blackwell so eager and keen to begin this exciting new chapter of the lives. Blackwell will become a special place, full of adventures, new friendships and hopefully happy memories.
Please continue to follow us on Facebook, join our closed Stage groups and join us in supporting each and every child.
We believe we are a family working together to provide an excellent public education school.
Blackwell is a very special place!

Our focus at Blackwell Public School is Be Passionate and Succeed.

Our aim has and will continue to be that as a school we focus on

  • improved student outcomes
  • high expectations for all student
  • provision of worthwhile content
  • appropriate pre and post-assessment
  • diverse opportunities to learn and apply information
  • effective approaches that are responsive to learning
  • active and efficient leadership 
  • reviewing future focus trends

Kris Hudswell


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