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Warami - Welcome back to Term 3 at Blackwell another busy term ahead.

Budyari naami Darug nurawa

Good to see you on Darug Land

Depending on how our brains are wired we think, move, process information, and communicate in different ways.

More people in our communities are now recognised with alternative thinking patterns. Sometimes these are labels attached such as Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) but regardless of labels neurodiversity is about recognising those who think differently. Approximately 15-20% of our population has a neurological difference. I have seen articles where these differences are likened to having a different phone where apps designed for one does not work in the same way or even at all when the users tries to install on a different brand of phone. The phone is not broken it is the app that is not suitable.

Many of our students face challenges when our school system does not cater for their differences. Staff, parents, agencies and students, where possible, need to work together to provide the best learning enviroment we can provide to maximise their strengths while supporting these differences.

This term our staff were lucky to spend a day with Sue Larkey. Sue is a highly qualified educator who has worked with neurodiverse students across Australia. She combines practical experience with extensive research. Sue is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education. It is important that we take a person centre approach by attempting to tailor strategies to support each individual in their learning. It is paramount to build success by creating opportunities that foster confidence and encourage us all to try new things. Learning together in a supportive environment ensures each of us has the chance to flourish. Research indicates that we learn best by making mistakes. We need to encourage students to 'have a go'. The word fail needs to be promoted as 'First Attempt in Learning'.

I have included links to Sue Larkey's resources and podcasts in our 'For Parents" section.

Kris Hudswell


Didjurigura - Thank you

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Kris Hudswell


Learning on Darug Land.

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