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Stage 1

Stage 1 - 2022


Year 1

Miss Heather Lane (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor)


Year 1

Mrs Cristy Dabic


Year 1

Miss Brittany Raymond


Year 2

Mrs Sharalynne Krensel (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor)


Year 2

Mrs Lauren Nowacki


Year 2

Mrs Kylie McIntosh

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's education, please contact the office to make an appointment with the class teacher.


Miss Heather Lane
Assistant Principal
Stage 1 Supervisor

Stage 1 - 2022, Term One

Welcome to Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2). We are so pleased with how students have settled so beautifully into their new classes. So many happy faces, not just students, staff too! We are excited about being back face to face and to be getting to know your child. The Stage 1 teachers for 2022 are;   

S1L    Year 1 - Miss Heather Lane (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor) / Mrs Liz Parnell (Thursdays and Fridays)

S1D   Year 1 - Mrs Cristy Dabic

S1R   Year 1 - Miss Britt Raymond

S1K   Year 2 - Mrs Sharalynne Krensel (Relieving Assistant Principal Fridays)

S1N   Year 2 - Mrs Lauren Nowacki

S1M Year 2 - Mrs Kylie McIntosh

The first few weeks will be spent getting to know our students and developing a positive growth mindset in our classes. We will be revising our Good Manners, Good Thinking and Good Learning along with what a good learner is and what a good learner does. We will be establishing our class routines and expectations, class rules and revisiting our school rules, Code of Conduct and our Blackwell Virtues.

What are we covering in Term 1?


Students will participate in reading activities involving reading levelled texts and decodable readers. Teachers will be discussing the author’s purpose of texts (to persuade, inform and entertain/imagine).

Blackwell has a no homework policy, however home reading (this may include sight word lists) is still expected daily. Students will be bringing home a “Home Reading Log”, where you will be required to enter the title of the book, they bring home from school. Sometimes they may bring the same book home two or three nights in a row; this is to develop fluency and expression. Information regarding the setting up of these books and folders will be coming home shortly.

In writing, we are working on sentence structure. Students will also be continuing formal handwriting, using letters of consistent size and shape. This year we have a textbook for handwriting so students form good handwriting habits.

Students have been assessed in spelling and have been placed in spelling groups according to what skills they need next.


Yr 1 –

  • Counting forwards on a number line is adding one each time
  • Counting backwards on a number line is subtracting one each time
  • Add and subtract single digit numbers with counters and on a number line
  • Addition is commutative (3+4 is the same as 4+3)
  • Direction from own perspective and other’s perspective e.g. left and right
  • Identify the number of items in the part that repeats in a pattern
  • Friends of 10, through addition, subtraction and commutatively
  • Place value of teen numbers, “teen means ten” (17 = 1 ten and 7 ones)
  • Partition single-digit and teen numbers
  • Sides on two-dimensional shapes
  • Measure length using multiple and single informal units

Yr 2 –

  • Adding and subtracting, counting by 10s on and off the decade
  • Measuring length using a tape measure of informal units
  • Place value of three-digit numbers
  • Count by 1s, 10s or 100s from three-digit numbers
  • Friends of 100
  • Partition 10s numbers (e.g. 43 is 4 tens and 3 ones)
  • Add and subtract 10s, bridging to 100
  • Add and subtract two-digit numbers (we do not learn the algorithm in stage 1!!!)
  • Two-dimensional shapes, curved lines, sides and vertices



“Watch It Grow” – Term 1

Unit 1 - Living Things Change. In this unit the students will learn how living things change and reproduce. The students observe the patterns of growth and change in living things and describe patterns and make predictions.


Unit 2 - Test Kitchen. In this unit the students explore how technology is used in the kitchen. They investigate technologies used to ensure the safe handling of food and how this meets their personal and social expectations. The students develop an understanding of how society and environmental sustainability factors influence design and decisions by investigating the best fibres for a chef’s jacket. The students reflect on their participation in a design process by designing a new kitchen gadget.


“All Mixed Up” – Term 2         

We are surrounded by mixtures — the air we breathe, the food we eat and drink, and our personal grooming products. Chefs try mixing ingredients in different ways to make tasty combinations and interesting textures.

Through inquiry, scientists have developed mixtures that are useful for all kinds of purposes, such as alloys and paints, to name but a few. Indeed, it can be surprising just how many things that we take for granted every day are the result of inquiry into mixtures. For example, how different our lives would be without the many inks, glues and detergents at our disposal.

In the All mixed up unit students learn about materials that don’t mix well, and others that are difficult to separate.

Through hands-on investigations, students explore how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can

alter its properties and uses.


“Features of Places” (Semester One unit, history is covered in Semester 2)

The People Live in Places topic is divided into three units; Weather and Seasons, Features of Places and How Places are Organised. Within these units, students learn about the weather and seasons in places, seasonal calendars and how activities change according to the weather. They learn about natural, built and managed features of places and how spaces in places can be organised.

CAPA (Creative and Practical Arts)

This year Stage 1 teachers are tapping into their skills, talents and passions in CAPA lessons (Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts).


Messages for the teacher/parent concerns - If some information is required for the day, please write a note to the class teacher and forward it with your child. Otherwise, a message can be left at the office for the teacher. If you would like your child’s teacher to call you to discuss something, please arrange a time, outside school hours or in their RFF time. Miss Lane (Stage supervisor) or Mrs Krensel (Stage supervisor Friday) are also available to answer questions and concerns.

School Pack - Please pay for your child’s school pack as soon as possible. It has everything they require from pencils and glue sticks to whiteboard markers and books to do their schoolwork in. This equipment remains at school for school use. The school pack also includes K-6 incursions held throughout the year (stage-based incursions and excursions are an additional cost). For the first child it is $80, the second child $60, the third child $40 and for every child after that, it is free!

Crunch and Sip - Students participate in “Crunch and Sip” each day in the morning session. There is no set time for this, as it is scheduled at an appropriate time for the class. Students are only permitted to have fresh fruit or vegetables and/or water. The portions, however, need to be small so that they are consumed quickly and class disruptions are minimised. A very large apple can take a child a very long time to finish so if possible, please cut the apple into quarters/eighths/slinky as this is more manageable for them to eat. It is best if it is kept in a separate container, not packed with recess and lunch.

School uniforms - Please label all items brought to school by your child. We ask that students not wear nail polish or jewellery to school (sleepers/studs and watches/Fitbits excluded) and that they adhere to the uniform as close as possible. This includes black shoes (no bright shoelaces please). Ribbons or bows in the hair should be school colours – navy, blue or white.

Extra equipment - Please provide your child with a labelled;

- paint shirt

- library bag

Donations of the following are also much appreciated.

- hand soap or hand sanitiser

- baby wipes (for cleaning desks after gluing/messy work)

- a box of tissues

Sport - We ask if students could wear joggers on the following day, so they are comfortable to participate in sport/exercise;

-       Sport for both Year 1 and Year 2 is on Wednesdays

Money Procedures - All money sent to school should be in a labelled envelope and handed in at the school office.

Library Day - Our school library is open every afternoon and every morning, with the exception of Tuesday. Books can be borrowed during this time as well as during class library times.

We encourage ALL students to be regular book borrowers. Class borrowing is on the following days;

TUESDAY                  - S1R and S1N

WEDNESDAY           - S1D

THURSDAY               - S1L, S1M and S1K

Absences - The Department of School Education requires a note to explain all absences within 7 days. If your child is absent you will receive a SMS notifying you that your child has been marked absent and you can reply with reasons why. Alternatively, please send a note to school with your child upon returning to school. If your child is absent more than 2 days in a row, please consider obtaining a doctor’s certificate to explain the absence.

Facebook – For up to date information and to answer questions, please join “2022 Stage 1 Blackwell PS” on Facebook. You can also email the school - (your email will be forwarded to the person you wish to contact).

Please do not send teachers a “PM” (personal message) or invite teachers as ‘friends’ as teacher’s will not respond or decline invite due to the Department’s Code of Conduct.

Assemblies – Combined Assemblies are held in our hall from 2-3pm in weeks 3, 6 and 9 each term. These assemblies are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions. Merit and virtue awards are handed out other weeks during class lines.

School Newsletter (“Blackwell Post”) –Please make sure your email details are up to date in the office. Please read front page and the Stage 1 information page!

We are looking forward to a great year on Stage 1.

Stage 1 Teachers