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Stage 1

Stage 1 - 2022


Year 1

Miss Heather Lane (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor)


Year 1

Mrs Cristy Dabic


Year 1

Miss Brittany Raymond


Year 2

Mrs Sharalynne Krensel (Assistant Principal/Stage Supervisor)


Year 2

Miss Ronaz Saboori

(Mrs Lauren Nowacki on Maternity Leave from 22nd Aug 22 till the end of the year)


Year 2

Mrs Kylie McIntosh

Welcome back to Term 3. We hope you had a relaxing holiday!

Thank you to all parents who came up to parent teacher interviews at the end of last term and last week (some interviews were carried over from last term).

What are we learning about in Term 3?


It is imperative that we keep our students reading EVERY day. We will continue to introduce readers in class and they will be sent home the following week as a familiar read. Please return the reading folders daily as the books are revised in class as well.


Lexia's research-proven program helps to reduce students' risk of not meeting grade-level standards while still being able to give accelerated and on-track students the instruction they need to thrive. It scaffolds students and provides explicit instruction if they are struggling and advances them to higher levels once they demonstrate proficiency. It provides instruction in the areas of – phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Please have your child login to Lexia for at least 20 minutes every day!

Students know their Logins. If you are unsure, please contact your student’s teacher.

Narrative Writing

In writing, we are introducing narrative texts. Narrative texts are constructed for particular audiences and purposes.

Students will learn that stories:

·         are usually made up of a sequence of events

·         have patterns (structures) that set up expectations and allow prediction of actions and attitudes

·         can have messages and evoke feelings

·         can be varied in the telling

·         present a view of their world.

Maths  Year 1

Here is what we hope to cover this term;

In Number, we will be continuing to revise our Friends of 10, Friends of 20 and Friends of any decade. We will be reading and ordering two-digit numbers and explaining place value using place value charts and recording numbers in standard and non- standard place value. We will be adding and subtracting numbers including using zero, and adding 3 or more numbers using associativity (how we group the numbers to add them). In multiplication and division we will be dividing into ‘groups of’ and ‘equal groups’. Students will investigate the value of Australian coins and notes. The investigation of 3D objects will include flat and curved surfaces, straight and curved lines and horizontal and parallel lines. Students will continue to work on volume and capacity of containers. Data will be collected and represented in objects or pictures and questions answered to show their understanding of the data collected.


Maths  Year 2

In Number students will continue to solve problems involving addition and subtraction using a variety of strategies including bridging to 10 and 100. In measurement students will continue to investigate the properties and dimensions of  2D shapes and 3D objects and will sort, describe and classify them.  They will measure capacity of containers and compare and order volumes by displacement. Students will create models using cubes to measure, order and compare volume.  They will collect and interpret data, and ask and answer questions using the language of chance. In time, students estimate and measure time using informal units and use a calendar to estimate and measure the number of months, weeks, days till and event.


Science –

This semester Term 3 and Term 4, students will particiate in two units of work.

 “Energy Comes in Different Forms”

The focus of this unit is the identification of light, sound and heat energy, and how they are sensed and produced. Students use their senses to explore the properties of familiar objects and phenomena, identifying similarities and differences. They infer simple cause and effect relationships from their observations and experiences. Students compare observations and are introduced to ways of organising and recording their observations.

“ Look Up and Around ”

In this Science and Technology unit, students will investigate observable changes that occur in the sky and on the land. They will describe the Sun’s path in the sky and the appearance of the Moon and stars at night. Students will observe and record seasonal and daily weather changes and identify how they influence their daily lives. Recording short term weather changes, students will keep a weather diary and design and produce a rain gauge. Elements of digital technology, human endeavour and design and production skills are incorporated into the lessons.

History – “The Past in the Present” (Semester Two)

In this unit students discover how they can use artefacts and sources to learn about the past. They have the opportunity to explore significant people, buildings,  sites and natural environments in their local area and think about what stories their own community can tell from the past.

Key inquiry questions:

§  What can we use to help us learn about the past?

§  What do important people or things in our community tell us about the past?

§  What stories does my local area tell from the past?

§  How can I tell a story from the past?


Personal Development, Health and Physical Development

This semester Stage 1 will be coving Drug Education. Year 1 and Year 2 will have their own units of work to cover. 

Creative and Practical Arts

This semester we will be looking at Creative Dance  -  Splish Splash and Art - This Sporting Life. We look forward to producing some great work in these areas.

In Splish splash students respond to the stimulus of water to create dance movements and sequences, individually and collaboratively. Throughout the sequence of lessons they develop body skills, expressive movement quality and imagination in using the elements of dance.

In This Sporting Life students explore a range of poses and movements in different sports. They make linear drawings focusing on movement and direction. Students look at sports and athletes in ancient civilisations and in Australia and consider how artists record events. Students make collages that express ideas about athletes and movement.


Messages for the teacher/parent concerns - If some information is required for the day, please write a note to the class teacher and forward it with your child. Otherwise, a message can be left at the office for the teacher. If you would like your child’s teacher to call you to discuss something, please arrange a time, outside school hours or in their RFF time.

Miss Lane

(Stage supervisor)


Mrs Krensel (Stage supervisor Friday) are also available to answer questions and concerns.

School Pack - Please pay for your child’s school pack as soon as possible. It has everything they require from pencils and glue sticks to whiteboard markers and books to do their schoolwork in. This equipment remains at school for school use. The school pack also includes K-6 incursions held throughout the year (stage-based incursions and excursions are an additional cost). For the first child it is $80, the second child $60, the third child $40 and for every child after that, it is free!

Crunch and Sip - Students participate in “Crunch and Sip” each day in the morning session. There is no set time for this, as it is scheduled at an appropriate time for the class. Students are only permitted to have fresh fruit or vegetables and/or water. The portions, however, need to be small so that they are consumed quickly and class disruptions are minimised. A very large apple can take a child a very long time to finish so if possible, please cut the apple into quarters/eighths/slinky as this is more manageable for them to eat. It is best if it is kept in a separate container, not packed with recess and lunch.

School uniforms - Please label all items brought to school by your child. We ask that students not wear nail polish or jewellery to school (sleepers/studs and watches/Fitbits excluded) and that they adhere to the uniform as close as possible. This includes black shoes (no bright shoelaces please). Ribbons or bows in the hair should be school colours – navy, blue or white.

Extra equipment - Please provide your child with a labelled;

- paint shirt

- library bag

                                                Donations welcome

Now that we are in the winter months and teachers are trying to keep germs at bay, we would appreciate any donations of tissues, hand sanitiser or hand soaps as we go through these very quickly!

Sport - We ask if students could wear joggers on the following day, so they are comfortable to participate in sport/exercise;

-       Sport for both Year 1 and Year 2 is on Wednesdays

Money Procedures - All money sent to school should be in a labelled envelope and handed in at the school office.

Absences - The Department of School Education requires a note to explain all absences within 7 days. If your child is absent you will receive a SMS notifying you that your child has been marked absent and you can reply with reasons why. Alternatively, please send a note to school with your child upon returning to school. If your child is absent more than 2 days in a row, please consider obtaining a doctor’s certificate to explain the absence.

Facebook – For up to date information and to answer questions, please join “2022 Stage 1 Blackwell PS” on Facebook. You can also email the school - (your email will be forwarded to the person you wish to contact).

Please do not send teachers a “PM” (personal message) or invite teachers as ‘friends’ as teacher’s will not respond or decline invite due to the Department’s Code of Conduct.

Assemblies – Combined Assemblies are held in our hall from 2-3pm in weeks 3, 6 and 9 each term. These assemblies are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions. Merit and virtue awards are handed out other weeks during class lines.

School Newsletter (“Blackwell Post”) –Please make sure your email details are up to date in the office. Please read front page and the Stage 1 information page!

We are looking forward to a great year on Stage 1.

Stage 1 Teachers